Saturday, 22 March 2014

Champagne Showers Are Not Cool

Yesterday was the last day of exams for sixth formers and they celebrated after lessons. My friends, who are one year above me, are graduating this year, so obviously they all took part in that "tradition" of getting terribly drunk.
Somehow I was caught up in the middle and received a good champagne shower (gross!), which is why I had to go home and change. (I smelled like a wet dog. Ew.)
After covering the smell of alcohol in my hair with some salt spray and a few makeup touch ups, me and my friends went to the park to continue our celebrations. There were already around 500 drunk students who had significantly less brain cells than they had an hour ago, and I wish I could have taken photos but I didn't want to risk losing my camera. 
I feel so terrible for not posting any "real" photos here for weeks, so here's my outfit of that day.

Outfit - H&M
Boots - Tamaris

Have a good day and enjoy the weekend! I'm waiting for my friend Julia to come right now and I'm so excited because I haven't seen her in months!


  1. I love this outfit! The boots look so cute with the skirt.

    Hannah x

  2. I loooove your oufit! I'm such in love with those soft Colors.

    xoxo, Adele

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  3. Sehr süss =) Den Sinn hinter Champagner-Duschen verstehe ich auch nicht wirklich, da macht das Trinken doch mehr Spass =)

  4. amazing outfit, I'm so in love with your jacket! X

  5. I love that jacket! :) It's in a good combination with this dress :)

  6. I love your outfit! Very fresh and feminine! :))

  7. Oh my gosh I love this outfit!!! So cute!!
    That skirt is gorgeous!


    1. Also I followed you on Bloglovin' :)

  8. Haha, your blog title made me laugh, yeah… champagne showers are nothing but a nuisance! Love your outfit, especially the skirt. x

  9. Such a beautiful outfit, this colors suits you so good. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  10. Sehr schönes outfit! Der Rock ist echt süß!

  11. great outfit by the way beautiful blog maybe we can follow each other :)
    let me know so i can follow you back
    Curly Glow

  12. Great post :)

  13. i love your outfit :)

  14. Love your outfit, especially the lace dress ;)))