Monday, 16 December 2013

SS14 Trends (Florals)


 I hope you are having/had a wonderful day. I was rather busy on the last few days making loads and loads of polyvore outfits, so I didn't get around to make a blog post. I wanted to publish this on Friday but I'm the queen of procrastination so I didn't get around to actually do it. Sorry! :(
So, as I've mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to present you the fashion trends of SS14 and today's blog entry is about FLORALS. Yes, they made a comeback to the catwalk!
Check out the photos below!


1. House of Holland, 2. Tory Burch, 3. Mulberry, 4. House of Holland

1. Moschino, 2. Dries van Noten, 3. John Rocha, 4. Moschino

Inspired Outfits

I really can't wait to wear these bad boys here!

Top - Topshop, Dress - Vero Moda, Shorts - Escada

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

SS14 Trends (Colours)

I know for some of you it’s still too early to even think about summer clothing but with all the snow outside and the depressing dark weather, it’s something that I cheer myself up with. The thought of laying in the grass with the sun shining on my face (and the hayfever returning!), while wearing my floral dress (Yes, flowers are making a return!), makes me so happy. Besides, there are only, what, 4 months to go until spring officially starts, on the 20th March. It is indeed time to make up your mind about stocking up your wardrobe. 

So in the next posts, that I’m going to upload over the next few days, I’m going to present you the trends of SS14, based on the shows of the Big Four. 

1. Colour-wise, you are definitely never wrong with red (also pale blue, orange and pink are the colours of the season)

1. Alexander McQueen, 2. Bora Aksu, 3. Oscar de la Renta, 4. Pringle of Scotland

Personally, I’m so happy that it’s not the usual black and white. What do you guys think? Also, stay tuned for the other blog entries that I’m going to post soon!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Outnet Clearance Sale

It's that time of the year again. The Outnet is having its designer clearance sale right now!
For those of you who don't know the website, The Outnet is part of the group and sells all the stuff that couldn't be sold at a discount of up to 70%. There are many designers, Valentino, Acne, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, only to name a few.
So, you get those designer pieces at an affordable price, but to top things off, they are having an additional Clearance Sale every now and then where the stuff is EVEN cheaper!

So head over to and don't miss out on that big event. You have 7 days to shop until you drop but don't decide to have a look on the last day, as the items are quickly sold out. It happened to me countless times that I found a beautiful Michael Kors dress for merely 60€, and I was just about to sing 'Kumbaya My Lord' at the top of my lungs, when I noticed that my size is sold out. Believe me, it's an absolute shit feeling.
Anyways, be quick and may the odds be in your favour! 

Here's the link:

Hello! + OOTD

I decided over the weekend that I wanted to start a new project that I can waste my time on and I thought, why not start a blog?
So, since I'm a huge fashion enthusiast, it was clear to me from the start what I want to write/post about.
I haven't quite figured out yet what my entries are going to be like, but I assume they will go from my personal OOTDs and fashion inspirations, to the latest fashion trends.
I would love to make new friends on here, so please don't hesitate to contact me and let's have a chat! :)

                                         Dress - Vero Moda, Jumper - Topshop,                                           Black Knee Socks - Asos